My favorite unit in gym class growing up was gymnastics, and more specifically, the balance beam. In its basic form, the balance beam is simple and elegant — lifted several feet in the air, a straight path for feet to step one in front of the other, heel to toe. In its most complex, gymnasts turn this single plank of wood into a dancefloor, a narrow platform for flipping and leaping.

They make it look so easy, those gymnasts, their grace and poise creating magical and precise movements. Their secret is the ability to maintain balance.

For some people, perhaps it’s innate, that ability to find and keep their balance, but for many of us, it’s a struggle — in the real and the metaphorical sense — and this issue of Today’s Chesapeake Women, we delve into the many ways we can begin to realize balance in our own lives.

Work-life balance has become the hot topic of the working generation, especially for women who take on careers, motherhood and even adult caregiver. Creating balance can be a challenge for the strongest of us. In this issue, we explore what work-life balance means, what factors impact that balance, and also offer up a few suggestions for bringing a bit of balance back into your hectic life.

Balance can also be affected by traumatic events, turning your whole world upside down. Alisha Saulsbury, outpatient provider with For All Seasons Behavioral Health & Rape Crisis Center, gives us an in-depth look at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how to cope with these types of life-changing events.

Across the board, experts suggest that one of the best ways to deal with stress and bring better balance to your life is paying attention to your health — regular doctor checkups, good nutrition and regular exercise are the best ways to keep your mind and body balanced. Check out our review of Five Fold Crossfit, a local gym in Cambridge that focuses on wholeness and balance in all areas of your life. We also have suggestions for summer skin care, organizing your life and creating Zen at home and in your workplace.

We’re excited about this issue and we hope it helps you in your path to discovering balance in your own life. Comments or suggestions? We always want to hear from you! Email to let us know what you think! Until then, take a deep breath and find your balance.

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