By Laura Wormuth | Editor

Beautiful braids are in and for bridesmaids with long hair, this hot hairstyle is a cool trend.

Braids are timeless and classic, versatile in types (think the French braid, the inverted braid and four-strand braids), and are reminiscent of royalty (think Egyptian queens like Cleopatra or Princess Leia’s iconic bun braids.)

Braids have a long and winding history and for centuries women have not only appreciated the complex beauty of the interwoven hairstyle, but also the way it sweeps long hair up and away from the face and neck, keeping long-haired girls cool through hot workouts and afternoons on the beach. Humid-weather weddings are no different, especially here in Southern Maryland.

Sarah Spicher commissioned Shaper’s Hair Salon to create a braided look for herself and her wedding party. The Shaper’s team of stylists rose to the challenge of creating similar looks with different types of hair.

The six bridesmaids (braidsmaids?) in Sarah’s wedding party were matched with sweeping updos incorporating a thick braid woven around the side of the head, much like a Dutch braid that, instead of completing its transverse around the entire skull, is woven into the updo.

For Sarah, who married Aaron Craft on July 22, 2017 at St. Mark’s in Easton, followed by a reception at the Miles RIver Yacht Club in St. Michaels, the Shaper’s stylists chose to leave the back of Sarah’s long full hair down and curled in ringlets. The front of her hair was braided into a hybrid French braid that curled over the front of her head much like a crown, and was complemented by a simple white veil with crystalline edging, affixed over her ringlets.

Shaper’s stylists also adorned Sarah’s hair with crystal jewels, subtle and sparkling, embellishing the curve of the braid. Each bridesmaid had a matching jewel on the right side of their own braids.

“It’s my stylists that come up with these great designs and create beautiful hairstyles,” says Bicky Warrington, owner of Shaper’s Salon in Easton. “I appreciate their skills and imagination, and I couldn’t do this without them.”

To learn more about Shaper’s Salon or request a consultation about wedding services, go to or call 410-822-6555.

To learn more about braiding and see a compendium of various types of braids, check out’s glossary of braid types at

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