• March 28, 2015

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Wednesday 02/04/2015
Cutts & Case boatyard is ready to mark its first half-century

This is a special year for Cutts & Case.

Tuesday 02/03/2015
Working hard and waiting for winter to wane in the bustling boatyard

It’s cold. It’s miserable.

Monday 02/02/2015
4 easy ways to plan for summer fun this winter

Picture this: warm wind blowing across your face, the sound of waves crashing, and all your worries left behind on land. This is you on a boat and now is the perfect time to make this dream a reality. Winter may be frigid for many, but it’s the best time to start planning for warmer days ahead on the Chesapeake Bay.

Wednesday 01/28/2015
'I Ain’t Never': A common phrase heard on the water

There are times in fishing conversations when anglers use lingo that can be specific to the sport. Listen long enough and you’ll hear big fish referred to as lunkers, hawgs (hogs) and toads. When one fisherman questions another’s technique, I’ve heard, “Well you’ll have to show me” and “I ain’t believin’ that.”

2015 High School Fishing State Championship schedule announced

NORTH EAST — High School Fishing, the nation’s largest bass-fishing circuit dedicated to high school anglers, announced its 2015 state championship series schedule Friday and extended eligibility to seventh- and eighth-grade students.

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